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Talk To Strangers. How Everyday, Random Encounters Can Expand Your Business, Career, Income, And Life

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Connect to the world around you and realize the enormous potential in talking to strangers Everyday, random encounters really can change lives, when you make them happen the right way and leverage the connection at the other end

  • Описание
  • David Topus' life-changing message is that we should always connect, which means going beyond online relationships and engaging in the random, real-life interactions that have unlimited potential to supercharge businesses, accelerate careers, and enrich your life

    Talk to Strangers explains how to stand out and tap the potential of others by taking notice of who is standing alongside you on the bank line, the latte pickup point, or the ticket counter at the airport

    Why there is opportunity through the people you meet wherever you go The four key beliefs of successful random connectors Techniques for creating comfort and trust quickly with complete strangers How to optimize and monetize your newly-established contacts When you connect to those in your everyday world, you'll discover the life-expanding potential of random encounters and unlimited opportunities.

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